Bespoke Wiring & ECU’s

Aftermarket ECU & Looms

Jimboformance specialises in aftermarket engine management systems, we build bespoke looms and ecu installations for various, road , track or race cars.

We can supply and fit, Omex, DTA, Mbe, Emerald and various others including race technology dash and data logging systems.


Custom looms start from £400.00


20130414_114046BMW 535i Custom loom and emerald K6 ecu

SR20 Emerald K6 InstallSR20 Nissan 200sx Running Emerald K6

HondaHonda Rally Car Running DTA S40 Converted from DTA E48

FordFord V8 Converted from Old Style MBE To later MBE System

For a quotation please click the contact page above or call us on 07762 468 498


DTAfast_logo_s omex