ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping


Kess V2 Master

What does it Cost?

Prices for a remap start from £300.00 with discounts available for more than 1 car.

What do you get?

A full remap on our Rolling road, will include full print out, with information like AFR (air fuel ratio), Boost, Power @wheels and Flywheel power, Transmission losses and torque. Your car is mapped on the rolling road in a controlled environment, not on the road.

We can provide you with a before and after printout, showing you the true differences between your original map and your new remap.

We have the ability to create a custom ecu remap for your car, not a generic tuning file that alot of other tuning companies do.

Every vehicle we do is custom tuned specifically for your needs using the original software in your vehicle.

We can help you get what you want from the remap, please note that it is important to use the original software from your vehicle as it may have had critical updates when getting serviced at the dealers, if a generic file is used you will lose these updates, some tuning companies don’t care about this as it is quicker for them to just stick a tuned file straight into your vehicle because they don’t want to spend the time it takes to custom tune each one. We always tune each individual vehicle, this also allows us to fine tune it.

Our Rolling Road

It is incredibly accurate and consistent, it is simply the closest thing one is ever going to get without using an Engine Dyno. 

image0017 l Mosler, 500 hp, 525 lbft on  our 1200 hp TAT Rolling Road

The Rolling Road’s manufacturer ratings are capable of the following:

200mph constant, 880 hp at the wheels mapping, 1200 hp power testing and 4100 Nm torque (3020 lbft)

Please contact us if you wish to book a remapping session.